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Toddler forced to urinate in seat: Denied bathroom use on Jet Blue during delay

Mother irate after child forced to urinate in seat on jet waiting on tarmac during delay.
Mother irate after child forced to urinate in seat on jet waiting on tarmac during delay.
Wikimedia Commons

A mother from Mass. is irate over her toddler being forced to urinate in her seat as their delayed Jet Blue flight sat on the tarmac. The mother said this is not a incident of "bad customer service," but "bad human decency" as the flight attendant yelled at the mother trying to clean her daughter after she urinated.

According to on June 14, the flight was due to depart from New York heading for Boston when it was delayed and sat idle waiting for clearance to take-off. The mother asked the flight attendant if she could take her daughter to the rest room, but her request was denied.

The child couldn't hold her urine any longer and urninated in the seat on the plane. The mother got up to clean her daughter and the flight attendant yelled at her. She also reported the mother to the pilot.

The mom said that the pilot threatened to report her to security after she tried to clean up her daughter and the urine soaked seat. When the mother first got up to use the bathroom she was told to sit back down, in a tone that the mom didn't appreciate.

The little girl, 3-year-old Summers, told the media, "the girl didn't let me go potty." The mom said that she and her daughter were "basically treated like animals," reports Opposing Views.

After the flight attendant notified the pilot, the pilot took to the plane's intercom and notified the entire plane full of passengers that there was a "non-compliant passenger" on board and then he taxied back to the gate. He then said that the mom had to be turned over to security.

What Jennifer Devereaux did was probably just about what any other mother would have done. She wasn't going to allow her daughter to sit in a puddle of her own urine. The mother had not choice, she wasn't allowed to clean her daughter as the plane waited on the tarmac.

As a mother it "just about broke my heart" because "I couldn't do anything about it," said Devereaux, a photographer from Newton, Mass. who often travels with her young daughter.

The mom filed a complaint with the airline, but hasn't heard back from them as yet. Deveraux said that she doesn't want to see the airline do this to another family. Jet Blue reports that they are investigating the incident.

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