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Toddler drowns in Brooklyn lake after wandering away from family picnic

Toddler found floating lifelessly in Brooklyn Lake after she wandered off from the family during a picnic at the lake.
Released by Kurbonova family

A lakeside barbeque turned into a nightmare for a family when a 2-year-old girl wandered off and her lifeless body was found five hours later floating in a Brooklyn lake. Ruhshona Kurbonova was playing with her three-year-old brother when the two children apparently wandered off, according to NBC New York on July 5.

When the three-year-old boy was found soak and wet by a family friend, the panic set in because they realized Ruhshona was missing and she had been playing with her brother. A family friend called 911 to report Ruhshona missing and the search was on with the help of the NYPD.

The call to 911 was made at about 1:10 p.m. on Saturday reporting a child missing near the boathouse in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park. The police sent divers to search the lake and the toddler’s body was found around 6 p.m. that same evening.

According the New York Times, Detective Michael DeBonis of the NYPD reports that the girl was unresponsive when she was pulled from the lake hours after she was first reported missing and pronounced dead at the scene. The child's mother was understandably inconsolable at the scene, reports witnesses.

Witnesses said the distraught mother had to be taken out of the park in an ambulance after hearing her daughter had drown. Pictures printed in the New York Post show Ruhshona’s mother when she was told her daughter was deceased. The mother collapsed to the ground and there was no mistaken about that look on her face, the mom was filled with despair and sorrow.

The family lives in Brooklyn and their landlord said that Ruhshona came from “a hard-working and watchful family.” He also said that the parents are immigrants from Uzbekistan.

Ms. Bacaj, 60, a neighbor of the family said that “All the family is like an angel.” She said that “Ruhshona was beautiful, just like her mother.” Bacaj recalled seeing the little two-year-old coming up the path that leads to the building as the last time she saw the little girl alive.

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