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Toddler drinks grandmother's methamphetamine-laced tea: Meth-using granny jailed

Oregon grandmother in after 2-year-old granddaughter drank her meth-laced tea
Riverside County Sheriff's Department

An Oregon grandmother visiting her family in California was arrested after her two-year-old granddaughter was hospitalized from drinking grandma’s methamphetamine-laced tea. 51-year-old Cynthia Watson, who is from the Portland area, made a cup of tea containing the illegal stimulate methamphetamine that her granddaughter sipped at some point when the cup was left unattended, according to CBS Local News on July 1.

The mother of the child had no idea this had happened, but took her daughter to the hospital after her toddler would not fall asleep, would not sit still and she was talking at such a rapid rate, which was far from normal for this little girl. The child’s skin was itchy and she became very agitated. Her mom thought that all these symptoms pointed to her daughter suffering from some unknown medical condition.

The toddler tested positive for the methamphetamine at the hospital emergency room. Because this is not something you would test a child for normally, it was over the course of the evening that the test was done for the drug with it coming back positive. The child is expected to make a full recovery.

According to the New York Daily News, Watson remains in jail with her bail set at $35,000 after endangering her granddaughter. This grandmother could have killed her baby granddaughter after leaving the tea unattended. She had made the tea for the sole purpose of getting high.

Apparently the grandmother never offered up the possibility that the child may have gotten a hold of her tea while the doctors searched for a diagnosis for the little girl’s symptoms. Watson is facing charges of felony child endangerment and possession of methamphetamine. After the meth was found in the child’s system.

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