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Toddler and family dog die inside of hot car in South Carolina

Toddler and dog die in hot car
Toddler and dog die in hot car
Screen shot Herald Online

According to Monday's WSOCT News, a three-year-old boy and a family dog, died from heat-related maladies after they got into a parked car in Lancaster County, S.C.

The family of the little boy, Logan Cox, claim that the toddler walked out of the house while they were sleeping and crawled into a vehicle which was parked outside of their home. The child's family is uncertain how long the young boy was inside of the parked car before he was found.

According to the Herald Online, the family's nine-year-old basset hound/pit bull mix was also found inside of the black Mitsubishi Galant. For some reason, the young boy managed to open the door to get in, but he was unable to get back out.

The deadly incident took place last Wednesday - the dog died on the day that the boy climbed in, but the toddler, who had been taken to Carolinas Medical Center, did not pass away until Sunday morning from the severe heat stroke which had damaged his organs.

The family insists that Wednesday's incident was a tragic accident and Teresa Clevinger, the boy's grandmother, told WSOCT News:

This was an accident. It has never happened before and it'll never happen again,

The tragic situation is under investigation by the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office, as well as the South Carolina Department of Social Services.

Click here to listen to 911 call made last week after the boy was found.

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