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Todd Strasser releases "Angel Dust Blues" as eBook

"Angel Dust Blues" is now available for the Kindle.
"Angel Dust Blues" is now available for the Kindle.

Those of you upset that the Upper Hudson Library System does not have any copies of Todd Strasser’s first YA book “Angel Dust Blues” anymore will be happy to know that he has recently released the 1979 novel as an eBook. The book is available for the Kindle format through this link at Amazon.

Strasser’s book looks at the problem of drugs and teens from the drug-pusher’s point of view. Rich kid Alex is bored and lonely so he turns to dealing drugs to add excitement to his cushy life. Things start falling apart when he falls in love with a good girl and his co-dealer and best friend sinks into addiction. Alex needs to grow up and fix the mess he started.