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Todd Chrisley to guest co-host 'The View'

Todd and Grayson Chrisley
Todd and Grayson Chrisley
Photo by Moses Robinson

Chrisley Knows Best” quickly became a favorite show to watch when it was introduced on the USA network earlier this year. The show centers around the Chrisley family and their antics. Season 1 has finished and fans are waiting for Season 2 to get an air date. According to a May 19 post from the official “Chrisley Knows Best” Facebook page, Todd Chrisley will be co-hosting “The View” this Wednesday. Fans are excited to see just how all of this is going to go down!

Fans have really taken to “Chrisley Knows Best.” It is a different spin on reality television. The Chrisley family is down to earth, which makes the show desirable. Viewers want to see real things happen when watching a family show, and that is exactly what is provided. Season 1 had some memorable moments but when Todd threw Chase's phone into the lake is still one of the most talked about. Parents everywhere could relate to that exact moment.

While the show off the air, the Chrisleys are still engaging their fans. Twitter is always buzzing about something Todd has said or done, which is why him hosting “The View” is going to be epic. You can never predict what he will say or do. The element of surprise is something Todd Chrisley has mastered very well.

Even if you aren't a fan of “The View” or don't know a lot about Todd Chrisley, missing Wednesday's show would be a loss. Fans love Todd because he is modern and fun, but when it comes right down to parenting you don't really want to cross him. His fan base spans from teens to older adults, and that says a lot about who he is. It will be interesting to see how Todd handles the ladies and what will come out of his mouth. “The View” airs weekdays on ABC.