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Todd Chrisley conspired with Julie to hide assets on ‘Chrisley Knows Best’

Todd Chrisley
Photo by Moses Robinson

Todd Chrisley allegedly used his wife Julie to hide assets during bankruptcy, and the court trustee is trying to uncover the truth. Radar Online reports on April 10 that the “Chrisley Knows Best” star is accused of conspiring with Julie by moving money into her accounts without informing the court. In addition, Todd listed his wife as one of his creditors in the paperwork he originally filed for the bankruptcy.

Jason Pettie, who is the court trustee for the Chrisley case, is accusing Todd of using Julie to hide money. She allegedly accepted fraudulent transfers from her husband despite knowing about the bankruptcy. The trustee believes the couple is working together to hide assets because the family continues to live a lavish lifestyle that does not seem to correspond with their claims of not being able to pay back their debts.

Todd used Julie in several ways, according to the trustee, and he was also able to list her as a creditor. The trustee claims Todd moved money into her accounts, gave her ownership of his business and provided her with one of his properties. All of these moves seem suspicious to the trustee who is now asking the court to give him access to all of Julie’s email accounts.

Todd and Julie are rumored to have stopped working several years ago, and the change coincided with the bankruptcy filing. The couple has been out of work since 2012, yet it has been able to continue living in its 30,000-square-foot mansion and purchase designer clothes. From luxury vehicles to expensive trips, the Chrisley family does not seem to be suffering on its reality show. However, “Chrisley Knows Best” appears to be hiding some of the troubles by ignoring the bankruptcy issues and focusing on the positive aspects of the family.

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