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Todd Akin Has Written A Book

Todd Akin
Todd Akin
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Too bad the publishers did not shut that whole thing down.

If you search your memory to a few years back, Mr. Akin was a Congressman looking to elevate himself to the upper chamber and was enjoying a 15-point lead over his opponent. Who was that you ask? Why the current Senator Claire McCaskill.

Todd, may this column call you that, opined about rape and pregnancy.

Uh oh.

Since Akin is not a woman, a doctor and presumably not a rapist, he really had no expertise in the matter.

Basically he stated that if a woman is raped, she would not get pregnant because the female body has a way of shutting the whole thing down. The whole thing being egg fertilization, a process that has not been shown to be cognizant of such things.

Even in the GOP, this was greeted as extremely stupid and anti-woman. Many conservatives, as well as liberals and rational folks, were upset. He was no kin of theirs.

Folks from the Republican party asked Akin to step down and not run in the election.

What is truly upsetting is the inverse of what Akin said. So, if a woman, or girl, does get pregnant, then by his logic, she was not forcibly made to have sex.

Now Akin has a book. Good move since the Clinton memoir just tanked. Sarcasm font.

(Stop giving the ghostwriters of politicians publishing deals. Focus on talented authors.)

But we digress. Back to Akin. The only part of the whole said affair that Akin regrets is apologizing for his remarks.

NO APOLOGIZES. Wait, that is Romney's ghostwritten tome.

Any way Akin feels he should not have rued his words because he maintains, stress does affect fertilization.

And 5 bucks will buy you coffee and a sweet roll.

Akin is doubling down. He says he was right.

Actually, he was wrong. How many ways? Let us count:

biology, politics, women, winning elections, and science.

Oh Todd Akin. It takes real talent to blow a 15-point lead in a two-man race. Um, two person contest.

In political argot, a landslide is a differential of just 10 points.

So maybe Akin could be a new 2014 word. The dictionaries are always adding current verbiage.

“I want to run an ad with me and my entire staff bowing before the Koch Brothers.”

“Sorry Senator, that might akin your campaign.

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