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Today was the anniversary of the worst snow storm in Louisville history

Downtown Louisville during the winter storm of 1994.
Downtown Louisville during the winter storm of 1994.

On January 17, 1994 the city of Louisville and the surrounding area was hit with the heaviest recorded snowfall for the city. What started out as a winter storm of freezing rain the evening before, soon turned to a weather event that left most of the city stuck at home for several days.

The sub-freezing temperatures caused the rain to turn to ice which was bad enough. But around midnight that evening the snow came. An odd weather event occurred that is fairly rare, as it was still storming as the snow came, which was called "thundersnow". In just an eight hour period, the snowfall had set a record for most snowfall in a 24 hour period with 15 inches accumulating. Louisville would also set an all-time low temperature of -22 degrees.

The heavy snow left many businesses closed and the kids home from school for 1-2 weeks in the area. The city of Louisville was effectively shut down. Sadly, the cold temperatures also led to several deaths, either from illnesses, loss of power, or in some cases over exertion trying to clear the snow.

Though the area has experienced some extreme cold and snow so far this year, nothing has compared to the winter storm of 1994.