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Today in TV: January 5, 2014

Photo by Beth Gwinn/Getty Images

Here are some notable events in TV history for this date:

  • On this date in 1948, Warner Brothers releases the first colored news reel. It contained highlights of the Tournament of Roses Parade and The Rose Bowl
  • On this date in 1959, KTLA-TV launched the first franchise of the Bozo The Clown character, created for Capitol Records. Vance Colvig, Jr. played the first TV Bozo. Eventually 250 stations would carry the franchise.
  • "Mr. Ed" debuted on this date in 1961 and would run for six years.
  • "All My Children" debuted on this date in 1970 and would run until 2013. It is now produced for Hulu.
  • "Alias Smith and Jones" aired for the last time on this date in 1971.
  • "Soul Train" made it to 1000 episodes on this date in 2002.

Here are some notable birthday for today:

TV' s first Superman, George Reeves was born today.

Pamela Sue Martin, who played Nancy Drew and Fallon Carrington on "Dynasty" observes a birthday today.

PBS talk show host, Charlie Rose was born on this date.

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