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Today in TV: January 25, 2014

Mia Kirshner
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

Here are some notable events in TV history for today:

  • Jack Benny married Mary Livingstone on this date in 1927. Her given name was Sadie Marks. His was Benjamin Kubelsky.
  • "The Guiding Light" made its debut on radio on this date in 1937. The show would make the transition to TV in 1952.
  • The first Emmy Awards were presented on this date in 1949.
  • John F. Kennedy participated in the first live broadcast presidential press conference on this date in 1961.
  • Super Bowl XXI was broadcast on this date in 1987. The Giants beat the Broncos 30-29. Commercials cost $550,000 per 30 seconds.
  • Paul McCartney was profiled on "48 Hours" on this date in 1990.
  • Bill Medley of The Righteous Brothers guest starred on "Cheers" on this date in 1990.
  • "L.A. Law" made it to 100 episodes on this date in 1995.
  • Richard Hatch of "Survivor" fame was found guilty of not paying taxes on his winnings on this date in 2006.

Here are some notable birthdays for today:

  • Mia Kirshner of Showtimes, "The L Word" celebrates a birthday today.
  • Christine Larkin of "Step By Step" was born on this date.
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