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Today Show ‘mom’ romance novel “Fifty Shades of Grey” dominance and submission

The tease and torture of waiting, the anticipation. What they couldn’t show on television. Are you a fan of the illicit book trilogy by author E.L.James made into movie, Fifty Shades of Grey?” Get in the front seat of the roller coaster ride as the Today Show takes you for an “in your face exclusive.”

The movie the world awaited MILF the seductive Natalie Morales takes viewers right into the two stars who cast in the leading rolls. The hot Irish actor Jamie Doran fulfills the role of sadistic wealthy man with dangerous and dominant sexual realities “Christian Grey.” A man in his twenties, angular, slim, muscular, well-chiseled, cherished and “the epitome of male beauty.”

Handpicked by Johnson for the chemistry between them Dakota Johnson plays the submissive role in the movie opposite Doran, “Ana Steele.” What is dominance and submission? It’s a set of sexual and erotic behaviors and lifestyle, customs and rituals designed to seduce. The erroneous adult couple engages in one dominating, and the other consenting 'subordinate' or submits willingly.

A study done in ’95 indicated in the field of the subculture in which 89-percent of heterosexual females involved in dominance and submission relationships, say they prefer the submissive role, while 71-percent of men involved prefer the dominant role .

Fifty Shades of Grey comes to theaters Valentine’s Day Eve February 13, 2015, the count down begins.

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