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Today’s Tips for Moms Looking for Natural Remedies: Colic-Gas

St. Patty
St. Patty
Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Lucky for you, on this St. Patty’s Day, an herbal remedy follows to save the day and many other days!

With so many things to figure out as a new mom, gas seems like an easy one, but it’s not. Why? Because when it’s a baby, they call it colic to confuse us into thinking it’s a complicated condition that we are helpless to fix on our own. Well mom’s I’ve got some great news for you today! You have the power to help alleviate this common infant/baby/childhood and adult condition known as colic or gas. As a new mother myself, I was amazed to find out that a simple herb can be like a magic elixir (like most herbs!). You can grow this magic herb in a flower pot or plant it in your garden, and it will thrive because it is very hearty and it will come back year after year even after a hard freeze. I have kept mine covered during the freezes we have had and the plants continue to thrive. The plant also has other helpful uses such as deterring the dreaded mosquito and giving pleasure to your feline friends. Any guesses? Catnip! Craziness, right? …But this incredible soft-leafed herb will be your best friend if you are dealing with colic or gas bubbles. Trust me, it works like magic, and kids love it. There are different ways you may benefit from this amazing herb.

The What and How: The ways I like to use it are as a tincture or as a tea. The other amazing herb is more commonly used and known as: fennel. If you are schooled in making tinctures, it is a fairly easy process, and you can have an endless supply by growing your own herbs. With the catnip leaves…just pick and steep in boiling water! You can chew on the leaves straight from the plant. You can chew on the fennel and steep it as well with or without the catnip leaves. However, if you are not comfortable making your own, you can purchase either or both catnip and fennel tinctures or dried catnip leaves and fennel for tea. My favorite and highly recommended catnip and fennel tincture for babies and children is the one and only Dr. Christopher’s formula: “Kid-e Col”. After the drops are swallowed (either via dropper or mixed in with water), results are quickly realized in about 10 minutes. On the other hand, if you want to buy the dried catnip leaves to make tea, I recommend shopping for bulk herbs online at Mountain Rose Herbs (fennel can be found there as well as many other herbs and other fabulous and endlessly useful items).

(By the way, I do not get any kickbacks or special perks for recommending these brands. I just love them and use them myself so these are my favorites that work and I’m passing them to you as a courtesy to save you endless unnecessary trips to the doctor or pharmacy.)

I hope that this information is a huge lifesaver for you as it was for me and my baby. Should you have questions or need further clarifications, please do not hesitate to reach out to me on my Facebook page.

Have a very fortunate St. Patrick’s Day!

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