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TODAY’S NEWS: Understanding why you have muscular pain

Posture imbalances
Posture imbalances
Lisa Ferguson, CMT

Alignment is so important to maintain and if not, the muscles; fascia tendons; ligaments and bones are compromised.

Muscular pain occurs when there is a trauma or postural alignment imbalances. As shown in this picture; can you see the knocked knee syndrome and how the left leg is turned inward towards her middle? She complained about hip and knee pain cycle. Her left hip and knee is being compromised due to postural problems. What has helped her? Releasing the Myofascial Trigger Points and the fascia associated with pulling the muscles out of alignment. Why this occurred? Her alignment was imbalanced due to the way her parents held her as an infant, while her fascia, muscles and bones were still developing. Her legs were wrapped around her mother’s waist causing her legs to bow over time as she was still developing. Posture is important to maintain even as a young child or as you see here in this picture, it can cause problems later in life.

This woman is an athlete who runs marathons and her leg muscles are strong but her flexibility and muscle function are compromised. Because of her muscular imbalances, certain muscles are developed more than others. Notice her hips; as the left side is higher than the right and we call that muscular term; hip hiking. Notice her right foot is in front of her left foot when standing; which is because her body is trying to correct the imbalances in the hip. The hips aren’t sitting in the hip socket correctly, which causes pain and limited range of motion. Lets take a look at her upper back and shoulder blades; can you see the right shoulder is lower than the left shoulder? This stems from the bottoms of her feet to the top of her head. The fascia is twisted and the muscles are fighting to deal with the compensations. Self-check: Stand in front of a mirror and notice if you are in alignment with gravity.

"Our bodies are meant to move and to move
efficiently, we must maintain good posture."

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