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Today's Legislative ACTION points for the special needs community

Don't give up! Children in Texas and their families need your advocacy help.
Don't give up! Children in Texas and their families need your advocacy help.
Tina Phillips

Decisions that will have a profound impact on children with special needs in Austin and throughout Texas are being made at this very moment!

Current information below on advocacy efforts on behalf of individuals with disabilities sent out by the ARC of Texas.

FYI: "Community Based Services" mean that children with special needs STAY in their homes and communities with support from programs that provide neccesary therapies, equipment, respite help, and other medically neccesary resources. An example of the alternative is a family who is unable to care for their child in their home, either due to medical fragility or a lack of resources for their basic care. The child must then be institutionalized. It is more expensive to institutionalize an individual than to provide Community Based Services.

March 04, 2011 press release:

The legislature is in full swing and things are moving quickly! URGENT CALL TO ACTION

Here's what's happening next week:

  • House Appropriations Committee is set to consider the budget recommendations from the Article II subcommittee relating to the health and human services agencies.

  • Respectul Language bill, HB 1481, will be heard in the Human Services Committee.

  • Senate Education Committee and House Public Education Committee will consider SB 35 and HB 357 relating to transition planning for students with disabilities.


Remember, CONSTITUENTS matter

  • Get to know YOUR Legislators. To find out who represents you click here.


  • Call members on the House Appropriations Committee

  • Tell them how important community based services and supports are to you and your family and how these services help live a meaningul life in the community.

  • Tell them that Early Childhood Intervention works. Click here for facts about early intervention and read about how Jeremy benefited from these critical services.

  • Your message should be clear and consise. For recommendations on what YOU should say click here.

  • To review the proposed budget cuts click here and for additional reductions being considered click here.


  • Call members on the House Human Services Committee and tell them to support HB 1481 by Representative Vicki Truitt.
  • Testify at the hearing. Click here for details.
  • For more information and talking points go to this link.


  • Call members of the Senate Education Committee and ask them to support SB 35 by Senator Zaffirini.
  • Contact members of the House Public Education Committee and tell them to support HB 357 by Representative Eddie Rodriguez.
  • Testify at the Senate Education Committee and House Public Education Committee. For information on the details of the Senate hearing click here and House Public Education Committee click here.
  • For more information click here . Let them know how effective transition planning and services impacts the lives of students with disabilities.

There is still time to JOIN US AT THE CAPITOL! Click here to view a calendar of our events and contact Dawn Choate at if you are interested in making visits to members of the legislature.


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