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Today's hits at B93.7


Listening to the radio is one of the best ways to make your day go better. If you are having a bad day it gets better.  If you are having a great day it still gets better.  Music soothes the savage beasts and we are all beasts.

Greenville, SC is fortunate to have an expansive radio market.  Many of the stations here offer not only fantastic music but also radio personalities who know how to combine the perfect mix of music and mayhem.  The art of conversation takes on a whole new meaning when you have an audience of millions. 

When offered the choice of morning radio many here in Greenville choose B93.7 without hesitation.  The Hawk and Tom morning show is entertaining, humorous, educational and musically artful. 

Hawk and Tom

The banter between the show’s namesakes and Kato Keller and Heidi Aiken leaves never a dull moment. Throw in music by Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Train, Jason Derulo and so many more great artists and you have an unforgettable morning. Whether you are in your car heading to work, taking the kids to school or already at the office and beginning your own work day the morning show with Hawk, Tom, Heidi and Kato will give your day the head start it needs. It’s better than breakfast! (Forgive me all of you health conscious people who read this.)

And Torture Tuesday is another topic all on its own!


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