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Today's headlines unspun

I looked at the news for today which read in one article, "Republican leaders say the House will vote to block President Barack Obama from extending relief from deportation to any more immigrants here illegally." So, I thought to myself, "What would that sound like in plain and honest English." Perhaps it could read as follows: Republican leaders say the House will vote to block President Obama from extending love of neighbor to any more immigrants. Such love is illegal."

Now in plain terms that is a national shame. We disguise our lack of human compassion in political spin and ideology, when the real truth is that Jesus' command to love our neighbor is not something that we agree with. It is not just conservatives who are guilty by the way. Liberals and conservatives merely pick and choose who they will love and who they will not. Conservatives do not show love to the poor and helpless, but continually play the game of blame the victim. Liberals just do not love the unborn, human beings who's rights they gladly ignore as an inconvenience. The same kind of inconvenience that conservatives feel about immigrants.

The Bible does not have a category of legal versus illegal immigrant. It just tells us to love the foreigner. The Bible also does not have a category of human after this or that particular trimester. It just simply calls everyone human beings. So, we are all guilty of fomenting lies or political spin if you care to cover up the fact that we disobey the simplest and most basic of all Christian commands, love your neighbor. So, next time the conservative or liberal machines try to pretend that they stand for Christian values, I will simply say that Christians do not stand for liberal or conservative values, but for the values of Jesus Christ.

And that should un-spin a lot of the headlines in today's news.

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