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Today's gyms changing the way you think about working out

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Today, more and more fitness facilities and athletic clubs across the country are now incorporating a spa as part of their business. The idea behind the trend is to merge ‘all things’ health related into one establishment. One fitness facility in competition with the spas is Urban Body in Atlanta, as it progressed from being only a fitness facility (that included yoga and pilates) to a fitness facility with a spa to acquire the specific customer-base needed for its spa.

One might say, modern-day fitness facilities found a great way to target the spa industry’s market, and is now tapping into this market to compete for your dollars. True as it may seem, it seems to be a smart business move financially- and true to true clever marketing along with PR (public relations) ‘spas in workout facilities’ will now be deemed the new norm, with many people screaming, “Oh how dear Molly, how did I ever live without a spa in a glorified gym or fitness facility ever in my life!?” and with just a few tweaks you’re hooked on another ‘corporate idea’ that was spun by deep psychological research to take you away from your money. Now back to this new trend making waves throughout the country, and seems to be working on a massive level in benefitting the fitness industry- which is merging two great ideas together so that people feel good.

The Urban Body’s mission, just like any fitness facility across the country, is to excite and sale people on the idea of having a spa as part of the gym- and such the beauty of marketing, as its job is to draw in people to accept an idea to do nothing but make the act of financial acquisition easier on their end. Speaking of good old marketing, ‘fitness facilities’ use to go by the name of ‘gyms’ years ago before marketing got its hands on it and said, “Let’s glorify the ‘gym’ to bring it more dollars for those people who won’t come to us unless our name is changed.”