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Today's fitness and exercise sciences fail at keeping adults fit

These two adult exercise efficiency project engineers were aproching 110 years old combined age when this picture was taken in 2012
Kris Snyder Craig Wise

According to, America's fitness and exercise industry has annual revenues of over $26 billion, with 29,501 businesses operating gyms, health and fitness clubs, employing more than 573,000 people.

According to a recent study from Iowa State University, only about 3.5 percent of American adults, even get enough exercise to become physically fit.

However, according the engineers from the private, not for profit Adult Exercise Efficiency project which normally reports their new findings exclusively to examiner news, "If that Iowa study only counted adults over age thirty-five, instead of eighteen and older, that percentage would obviously plummet".

They estimate that five to ten times as many adults under thirty-five are physically fit, than adults that age or older. By using a factor of four times as many adults under age thirty five being physically fit, as those above, they feel reasonably conservative.

At that ratio the percentage of physically fit Americans over age thirty-five, falls well below one percent, and in reality it may be well below one half of a percent.

On monday they explained to examiner, "If no one over age thirty four was physically fit back when most people lived in caves, today's 26 billion dollar fitness and exercise science industry, does not appear to have increased the relative number of physically fit older people by even a single percentage point".

The project, which appears to be the first study to ever trace the paths and interactions of exercise forces through the human body, much as engineers trace structural damaging forces through blueprints, added, "We do not believe fitness and exercise experts would have ever noticed the huge difference between stout exercise for adults and children, until someone started tracing the invisible forces of exercise, through sketches of people doing them",

Less than one percentage of people being physically fit seems to indicate that it is impossible for average adults to become fit.

But according to project engineers, that is not the case, "Many physical trainers blame older people for not sticking with their programs, while many if not most older people do blame a lack of time. But force mapping reveals a totally different physical reason, that neither group cares to mention, pain.

"As far as adults are concerned, today's exercises, used to strengthen muscles and stamina, have the same destructive common denominator as 3000 years ago. They drive the external motion resistance energy, the force that powers strengthening exercises, directly into the skeleton, through the wrists or ankles".

"Virtually all stout exercises have always driven the forces of exercise up and down (parallel) the spine and extremity bones first, working these parts immensely harder than muscles".

"Force mapping exposes how a spine and extremity bone crossing direction, fights muscles first, and with full range contractions almost all of the motion resistance energy is released before it can enter the skeleton".

They explained, "Force mapping can easily show any engineer, or map reader, how almost every muscle and cardio exercise, does not even work muscles directly".

"They immobilize joints and vertebra, usually by smashing bones and vertebra together, which makes these in-between parts much harder for the muscles to move, thus creating muscle exercise at the expense of adult joints and disks".

"To show the efficiency of modern adult exercise is even more incorrect for adults, no one's muscles fight compression (smashing) energy, they fight tension energy, and only when it holds or pulls away from the contraction, no other direction works".

"It is normal for these moving skeletal parts to wear out prematurely from being overworked too often. Because it works the skeleton first the resistance energy forces joints and disks to work immensely harder than the targeted muscles".

"Once traditional methods do condition older muscles, their joints and disks are fought even harder, thus accelerating the pain and damage".

"All the joint and disk stress of traditional exercise sciences constantly becomes more as adults age. How many average people, out of their own free will, would put themselves trough permanently damaging torture, three times a week?"

"We would bet this amount to also well below one percent. Engineering sciences expose that the pain of a horribly inefficient and antiquated adult exercise science, does and has always prevented around ninety nine percent of older people, from being physically fit."

However, force mapping also exposes why frequent stout modern exercise can be wonderful for children, because their rapidly developing joints and disks, much like muscles will rapidly heal to a stronger state after being properly overworked.

But after the early twenties, the skeleton hardens, and only the adult muscle systems retain that ability to rapidly heal to stronger states, after being overworked.

Those harder adult parts work muscles even harder, for a while, but they also need more time to recover. Thirty year old joints and disks can need several weeks or more to just recover after being overworked.

So when the average adult uses stout traditional exercise enough to stay powerfully fit (at least three times a week), their joints and disks never have enough time to recover, so joints and disks damage builds up, and wears them down.

The more they wear the more nerves become exposed, causing traditional exercise to grow constantly more painful for older adults. Almost all pain during a stout traditional workout comes from the stressing nerves inside joints and spinal disks.

Adults already have hardened skeletons, so only their muscles need frequent stout exercise (the heart is muscle) to maintain powerful fitness. The joints and spinal disks of the average adults get enough abuse from normal activity.

In the future these engineers see an engineering based adult fitness and exercise science called Aimed Resistance Force exercise, or ARF for short. ARF uses almost anything beside the skeleton to create tension energy, aimed only in that directions which just oppose muscle contractions.

By only deeply working muscle systems, ARF will offer millions of average, older and mobility hindered adults the first ,real exercises that will deeply work all large muscles, allowing them to become powerfully fit, for the first time since the equivalent of a modern house was a cave.

ARF, which was also directly discovery by mapping exercises forces, only uses tension energy aimed only in the directions that oppose muscle contractions first.

Pure ARF exercises will not use, load or stress any skeletal parts. Not only could this science end the pain that prevents adult fitness, but by by-passing joints and disks, countless millions of adults will be able to exert muscles up to hundreds of times harder than their already worn down or damaged disks and joints could ever tolerate while during traditional exercises, or anything else for that matter.

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