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Today’s Diets Can Fail To Replenish Essential Minerals

This article is for Endurance Nutrition, highly recommended to people who want to know more about "Mineral Replacement", have fun and healther!

If you think you can get minerals from food, think again. Modern farming methods and acid rain lower the pH of the soil. Starved for trace minerals, plants now take up toxic pesticides, fertilizers, and ‘bad' minerals. Food processing, which accounts for a large percentage of the foods we consumer, further depletes the needed micronutrients in our diets. Our consumption of liquids may often be the only source of trace-minerals in our daily diet.

Unfortunately, when it comes to water, most tap water is filtered before it gets to the tap, which removes many of the good minerals along with the undesirable substances. Even if you choose bottled water from the grocery shelf or have an expensive filter you installed in your kitchen, the essential life-supporting trace minerals have most likely also been removed from the very same filtering process.

To remedy this, you can go to the store and buy rehydration (sports) drinks of which there are a large inventory to select from. What you will find if you read the labels is that the trace-minerals (electrolytes) added back are mostly just sodium and potassium. According to Certified Specialist in Performance Nutrition and author Nina Anderson in "Fueling For Peak Performance (2014)", while sodium and potassium are required to replace what is lost during exercise and sweat, most sports drinks fail to address the broad-spectrum of trace elements needed to properly support the essential functions of brain and body.

Balanced diets should include trace minerals such as organic copper, zinc, chromium, selenium, and iodine, micronutrients, plus certain macro-minerals (those needed in large amounts) that form the electrolytes, which carry out all bodily functions.

Trace minerals are known to help the brain function properly, heighten concentration and alertness, boost energy levels, and provide support to strengthen the immune system. They also enhance the uptake of vitamins and proteins and other minerals you are digesting such as amino acids and proteins, which help athletes recover following exercise. Trace minerals also help to reestablish healthy alkaline PH levels, which is necessary in the body for it to stay healthy.

"Fueling for Peak Performance" by Nina Anderson, S.P.N. Copyright 2014 by Nina Anderson
Safe Goods Publishing 561 Shunpike Rd. Sheffield, MA 01257

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