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Today's Church is a Joke

Once upon a time, the church was a place where souls were saved and lives were dramatically changed. The power of God was so abundantly present that anyone who dared to enter the sanctuary knew instinctively that they would never leave the same way they came. Growing up spiritually in a non-denominational, Spirit-filled church taught me an invaluable lesson on discerning a true move of God from a false one. Many of today's churches have become mere shadows of the powerfully anointed houses of worship so prevalent in the mid 80's and 90's. In short, they have become a joke, peddling half-truths, afraid to ruffle the feathers of the uncommitted, and going through the motions of religion just to appease the flesh of a few. As we face the most crucial times in our nations' history and in the history of the church, believers of every denomination must begin to rise above the noise and the din of the lukewarm church and return to a true faith, a true belief and a true anointing that will bring salvation, healing and deliverance back into the House of God. The following is a prophetic Word I received on Thursday, June 5, 2014. It is a word to the Body of Christ to return to the holiness of God.

"The church has become a mockery; and the people love to have it so. The people have turned from the real and true gospel and they have adopted a doctrine of devils and a sensuality never before seen in the church. For they laugh and they think that I am the author of the laughter. Yea, for they sing their worldly songs, rather than to sing worship songs unto Me. And they think that it is alright to parade before Me at the altar even in a carnal manner—as if the world had all of a sudden invaded the sanctuary. And the true Spirit of holiness has eluded some of you; for there has been a substitute of preaching the true Word of God which would have brought the conviction that My people have sorely needed."

"And thus saith Jehovah God, because there is no spirit of holiness in the sanctuary, healing cannot take place; and since there is no true anointing—even in the house of God—there can be no true deliverance. And thus saith He that loveth thee: when there is no healing and when the deliverance that you see is so shallow, even because of a lack of the anointing, then My work cannot get accomplished; and it is only man’s labor that you see, oftentimes trying to bring back something that has left the scene long ago. And you can mimic the anointing for only so long. For only so long can you keep the people enticed and excited about a gospel that no longer exists, in reality. For what seems to be right and what seems to be holy are only a shadow of what was; and the people love to have it so, yes, daughter."

"For the true anointing is a frightening thing and for the true deliverance anointing in the midst frightens demons and it scares the devils that are inhabitant in people. For if there is a true anointing, then no demon and no devil and no discord and no flesh can stand in the congregation of the righteous. Only when you have a pseudo-anointing and when you have a false teacher or a fake preacher standing in the midst, sometimes the people are so caught up in the charisma of the man or woman of God that they fail to see the lack of the anointing, which would be present to break and even to destroy the yokes to sin. So they falter, having no knowledge and having eyes that have become even blinded to the truth—simply because there is no anointing and there is not that resident power which I delight in to destroy the yokes and to bring about healing and to set the captives free."

(Then, the Lord said to me):
"I want you to focus on this letter and I want you to encourage all of thy people to seek first that true anointing and to even circumcise their eyes so that they may be able to discern the true anointing from the false and to cease to clamor for the emotional “show;” but to know when I am present in the midst and to discern even when I am truly moving, for this is the thing that I
delight in, saith the Lord thy God: the anointing that will break yokes and even that same anointing which raised Christ Jesus from the dead to set the captives free."

"And it is not about a show; it is not about thy charisma, not about thy fair speeches, not about the drama in the pulpit—only it is about a man or about a woman who will gently and humbly yield their vessel so that I, alone, as God will get the glory, I say. And it is about even restoring the church to her former glory so that all they can see is Me. As it says in My word: when that anointing has been restored the priests cannot stand to minister, for it will be the Shekinah Glory that will fill the room and that same anointing which will break and sever so many ties and so many yokes with which My people are entangled that each one of them will feel the liberty that is in Christ Jesus and so be saved."

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