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Today's children can benefit from bilingual toys


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The USA is rapidly becoming a bigger "melting pot" than it ever was.

Many different languages are being spoken, especially spanish.

The Hispanic population in Charlotte specifically and the south in general has skyrocketed.  Today's children could drastically benefit from learning both English and Spanish.  Not only will this allow better communication between children as students, it will lay the foundation for better communication and comprehension as adults, which would definitely help in the business sector.

Any of us that have tried to learn a second language as either a middle school student or as an adult can attest to just how hard it is to learn another language.  Rosetta Stone software is a great tool to use for those of us in that age group.  It utilizes total immersion and no useless memorization.  Young Children have a much easier time learning another language as their brain has not quite got into the habit of their own language for years.

There are numerous toys that have bilingual, and sometimes even trilingual benefits, but they offer simple basics like numbers and letters.  The best thing out there is you are wanting your child to assimilate another language are flash cards.  They teach not only numbers and letters but translations for nouns.  This basic difference can pay big dividends when you want your child to start learning a new language

 For more info: a great site for spanish toys.


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