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Today in Rock: August 2

Today in music history:

Today in Rock: August 2-slide0
Courtesy of TOO
Billy Lee Riley
Courtesy of TOO

There were several significant events on this day between the years 1943 and 2009.

On this day in 1943, Kathy Lennon, future member of The Lennon Sisters, is born in Venice, California.

On this day in 1953 Skeeter Davis, still a member of the Davis Sisters, breaks both her arms and legs in a car accident near Cincinnati, Ohio. The crash also kills fellow Davis "sister" Betty Jack Davis.

On this day in 1961 The Beatles begin what would be a two-year stint as headliners at Liverpool's Cavern Club.

On this day in 1962 an obscure Folk singer named Robert Zimmerman has his name legally changed to Bob Dylan.

On this day in 1963 still rebuilding his career after the scandal of his marriage to 13-year-old second cousin Myra Gale Brown, Jerry Lee Lewis accepts $9,500 to open Las Vegas' new Thunderbird Hotel.

On this day in 1969 Badfinger records Paul McCartney’s “Come And Get It.”

On this day in 1975 The Eagles' “One Of These Nights” hits number one in the US.

On this day in 1992 while performing his song "Don Henley Must Die" at an Austin nightclub, the psychobilly artist Mojo Nixon is surprised when Henley, who happened to be in the neighborhood, climbs up on stage and starts beatboxing along with it. Nixon says it was the first time in his life he was left speechless. Henley seeing the humor in the song forces his critics to rethink what they perceive as his earnest arrogance.

On this day in 1998 The Beatles win UK music magazine Mojo's "Favourite Recording Artist Of All Time," beating out Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Queen and Elton John in that order.

On this day in 2009 Billy Lee Riley, rockabilly musician, singer and producer, dies at the age of 75.

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