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Today marks the first day of vampire literature month

Anne Rice is one author that will be honored this month
Photo by Paul Hawthorne/Getty Images

Today marks the first day of vampire literature month, a month that is dedicated to the bloodsucker and books. The theme for this month is going to be looking at vampire stories that were written by women writers. Each theme is going to be happening in July and it ends on July 31. This one is the first event for this page, "Green Bay Paranormal Examiner" and below are details on how to participate each year:

  • You read two novels that relates to the theme (though you can just read one of the books!)
  • You read two short stories
  • You watch a movie that relates to the theme

This year's theme as stated before deals with women writers and vampire literature, so here's the rundown on what books and movies are picked for this year's event:

The Two Novels:

The Two Short Stories:

You can read these two short stories for free online.

The Movie:

It's only fitting to watch "Interview with the Vampire," since it's based on the novel that Anne Rice wrote, and that you will be reading this month. Personally, this is a favorite vampire movie.

If you don't have the books, I advise to check at your local library or at the bookstore. For the movie check your local video store or rent it online, Amazon is always a good place to look.

So anyone can do this if they are interested. It'll be an annually event that looks at both vampires and a theme that relates to reading. If you would like to check out more about this event, look at this article written last month here. So please join in on reading some good books, short stories, and watching a good movie!

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