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Today is Tolkien "reading" day

Read Tolkien day is March 25th
Read Tolkien day is March 25th

March 25th has been designated as Tolkien reading day, a special day to "read" everybody's favorite fantasy books or to attend an event of some sort about Hobbits. This date was chosen as the death of Sauron.

As it happens there is a special exhibition at the British Library, in London. For those of you already there or about to travel for spring break check out this special exhibition featuring the Wind in the Willows and the Hobbit to promote reading despite the books being on film.

This Library Gallery and sale shop is located at St Pancras in London NW1, it is free and the hours are 9.30 A.M. - 18 P. M. Mon- Sat and open on Sunday at 11 A.M. to 5 P. M.

There are more events on line and radio to do today as well as a few events throughout the year located at their website, the Tolkien Society, One could become part of the society by joining or exploring the possibilities offered, including the Lewis/Tolkien radio 50th celebration. C.S. Lewis was one of his best friends and mentors.

Or you could check your local BING signin which will give you the special of the day as Tolkiens reading day with more information on other things to consider about this special contemporary arts masterpiece of fantasy.

Literary arts are one of the contemporary mediums enjoyed by modern artists and those who appreciate art. Children's classics often had fine artwork in the age of printing for mass consumption as well as the even newer form of film making which is only about a hundred years old.