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Today is the last day to celebrate Labor Day at Michigan State Fair

Michigan has one of the most beautiful summers in America. Labor Day marks the official end of summer.
Michigan has one of the most beautiful summers in America. Labor Day marks the official end of summer.
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Today is the last day to attend 2014’s Michigan State Fair at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi. Michigan's labor force saved the state fair from its politicians. This is the fourth year for the privately operated fair; and it is doing better than ever.

Show your support for Michigan's private labor force today by going to the fair!

The entertainment and beer tents are open until 9:00 pm.

The Shrine Circus is performing today at 2:30 pm, 5:00 pm, and

Livestock exhibits are open until 5:00pm.

Michiganders remember the fair was terminated by Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm when she vetoed state funding of the fair. Governor Granholm vetoed the Michigan State Fair on October 30, 2009. What a Halloween trick! After the hospitality Michigan voters showed to the Canadian Granholm, she returned the treat by tricking them out of their state fair.

On April 9, 2012, Republican Governor Snyder transferred the fairgrounds into the Land Bank Fast Track Authority. The idea was to develop the fairgrounds so, “The revitalization of this blighted property will help create jobs and have a sustained, positive economic impact on Detroit and the entire region,” according to the Land Bank Board of Directors.

In other words, governors from both political parties decided that the state could not afford to support the State Fair. However, since Governor Granholm’s Halloween trick on Michigan, the state has had to pay $1 million each year to maintain and secure the fairgrounds. Michigan has been politically bankrupt long before its cities went financially bankrupt.

Further political bankruptcy was shown when Governor Snyder’s Michigan transferred the fairgrounds to a group fronted by Magic Johnson for free. Really? Is that best you can do for Michigan, Governor Snyder, after all Michigan has done for you?

Again the hard-working people of Michigan had to clean up after the politicians. Despite both political parties and their self-serving neglect of Michiganders, the State Fair has been running fine for four years with no help from Lansing.

Labor Day is a fitting time to remember the privately operated fair's background. Michigan has been built by the labor of its citizens. Michigan is turning the financial corner by the labor of its people. More often than not, Lansing has sapped Michigan labor, rather than helping its workforce.

Show your support for the Michigan labor force by going to the fair.

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