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Today is the 2010 Boise State Broncos Blue and Orange game


  • usafidaho 6 years ago

    Isn't the Mountain West struggling for their own respect as well. I think the BCS Conferences want the Brocos to make that move because that buts all of their potential busters into 1 conference. That would change the song from a BCS issue to a conference issue. So, we all know that would reset the clock, because it would now be aruging a new issue, giving the BCS a stay of execution for a few more is an old lawer ploy change the charges and the BCS resets their clock

  • David Weber 6 years ago

    Thanks for the comment. Honestly I hadn't thought of it that much. I was only thinking that it's time for BSU to move on to the next level. And Since BYU set the precedent, I thought the Mountain West would be the next logical step. You have given me a different point of view.

  • Marty 6 years ago

    Thanks for your article. I remember BSU attempting to get into the Mtn. West Conference not too many years ago, and the Mtn. West chose TCU over BSU. I'm sure that there were many reasons for that decision, but BSU really is a natural fit for the Mtn. West, and that BSU games against Utah and BYU always generate great excitement. I think sometimes we tend to look past the season and speculate about the BCS. I'm not sure if the whole BCS thing will ever be figured out. As far as generating excitement for all the fans week to week during the season, BSU should be in the Mtn. West. I'm still trying to figure out how La. Tech got into the WAC. Louisianna is west of what, Florida?

  • David Weber 6 years ago

    Thanks Marty. I obviously don't have the big picture. These posts are helping.
    By the way, I meant to write an article about the actual game with pictures. It was a good afternoon. 12,000 or so people were there. Look for that article hopefully tonight.

  • justthinking 6 years ago

    I know this may sound stupid but am I the only one that noticed the incredibly bad music being played for an hour before the game? I really thought it was a joke someone was playing....I mean really...Rick Springfield and the Moody Blues? I may not be able to articulate why this might be a bigger deal than it seems at 1st glance but after seeing all the press and recruits there I couldn't help but think how "back roads, redneck" effect the music gave. I am 41, totally old school rock guy who hates modern music btw. Is it just me?

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