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Today is National Only Child Day: It comes two days after National Siblings Day

Just two days ago, we celebrated National Siblings Day. On that day, brothers and sisters let one another that they care. Only children might have felt left out on April 10, since they have no siblings. Only children should not be left out because they get their turn on April 12 to celebrate National Only Child Day.

It is no doubt that birth order affects who a person is and how he responds to things in his life. In other words, your birth order affects your life, your successes and you failures in many ways.

According to psychologists and sociologists, only children are often classified as the first born. They get to share their parents with no other child. First borns who have siblings get to have their parents to themselves only until the next child comes along.

Only children do get to share parents, toys, or other belonging with other children until they go to school. Only children get all the compliments from their parents. On the other hand, they also get all the blame when mischievous things happen in the home.

The only child gets to be celebrated by parents without parents having to divide their time among other children. For instance, parents with two or more children have to decide whose baseball game or basketball game to attend when they are happening at the same time.

If you are an only child, do something special for yourself today. If you are a parent of an only child, let that only child know that today is a day that he or she can be celebrated.

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