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Today is National Feral Cat Day

Scaredy Cat's 'tipped' ear indicates that he has been TNRed.
Scaredy Cat's 'tipped' ear indicates that he has been TNRed.
Valerie Hayes

Today, October 16, 2011, is Alley Cat Allies’s 10th annual National Feral Cat Day.

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR), advocated by ACA is the most humane way of managing feral cat populations–everybody wins with TNR. The cats are healthier; they are vaccinated against diseases like rabies at the time of neutering, which makes things safer for everyone in the area; the cat population shrinks, which is good for wildlife, TNR keeps feral cats out of ‘shelters’ where they would otherwise be killed and is an essential part of the No Kill Equation.

In the Atlanta Metro area, contact Lifeline Animal Project (they have two clinic locations and their Catlanta program is specifically for feral cats) or Project CatSnip (which is cats-only and has a mobile clinic) for spay-neuter services for your local feral cats, or to donate to their lifesaving work. Both organizations also offer affordable spay-neuter services and vaccines for pet cats. You can help LifeLine spread the word about their services by distributing this poster. Nationwide, contact Alley Cat Allies for more information about TNR.

How are you celebrating?

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