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Today is GM's Day

Today, March 4, is GM's Day. GM’s Day is an annual day to show your game master (GM), dungeon master, storyteller, or referee -- in short, the one person necessary to play a tabletop role-playing game -- how much you appreciate them. Publishers and retail outlets across the world now join in GM’s Day, offering discounts, sales, and other cool stuff:

GM’s Day was born on EN World in December 2002. Originally a simple messageboard post by EN World member Spunkrat, the idea quickly gained popularity, championed by Mark Clover of Creative Mountain Games and, of course, EN World itself.

In addition to all the sales on DriveThruRPG, here's a list of companies celebrating GMs today:

You can purchase other products on GM's Day at DriveThruRPG. March 4 is also the anniversary of Gary Gygax's death in 2008. Consider raising a toast in his honor today.

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