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Today in History-February Elton John knighted, Letterman stalked, pulsar found

Elton John got knighted
Elton John got knighted
Associated Press

February 24th was the day in history when…

1998: Elton John was knighted. Queen Elizabeth II bestowed the honor upon the rock singer for “services to music and charitable services.” The previous year had been very difficult for John. He lost two close friends, Gianni Versace and Princess Diana, both of whom he was very close to. So this news came as a welcome relief. In addition to his groundbreaking music, John has also been extremely involved in activism for various causes.

1989: A stalker was found in David Letterman's home. Margaret Mary Ray, woman with schizophrenia, became infamous for stalking David Letterman. Ray was arrested a total of eight times for trespassing and other related charges. On this date she was found in Letterman’s home by police. When confronted, Ray told them that she was Letterman’s wife.

1968: Discovery of the first pulsar was announced. The discovery was made by Jocelyn Bell, a graduate student at Cambridge University. Her task was to monitor the data collected from a radio telescope that was studying quasars. Bell was the first to discover the significance of signal that could not have been produced by a quasar. Upon further research the phenomenon known as a pulsar was discovered. The announcement of the existence of pulsars was made on this date.

Famous Birthdays:

1966: Billy Zane – actor
1956: Paula Zahn – news anchor
1947: Edward James Olmos – actor
1942: Joe Lieberman – politician
1786: Wilhelm Karl Grimm – story teller, Grimm's Fairy Tales

Notable People Lost:

1998: Henny Youngman – comedian
: Dinah Shore – singer
1990: Malcolm S. Forbes – publisher

Odd Holidays (There's Always Something to Celebrate!):

National Trading Card Day
National Tortilla Chip Day

Thought for the day: Why are there interstate highways in Hawaii?

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