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Today in Hip Hop


Jay-Z's album "The Blueprint 3" won an award for Best Rap/Hip Hop AlbumThe American Music Awards, 50 Cents album release, M-Eighty announces world record attempt, DMX's $1 mil lawsuit and Lupe Fiasco featuring in a History Channel documentary.

The obvious headliner this week is the American Music Awards that aired on Sunday the 22nd. Disappointment in the Rap/Hip Hop category could be attributed to a few factors but, two were decidedly more prominent. Some one seemed to have left out nominations for Best Female Artist and Favorite Band, Duo or Group. Why is it that the other genres in the music industry are granted these two categories yet the Rap/Hip Hop genre is left with only Best Male Artist and Favorite album? Who knows for sure but, at least the ceremony was "Kanye West Free".

Jay-Z took home both awards in the Hip Hop genre making it his second year in a row for winning Best Male Artist. His album Blueprint 3 seized the Favorite Album category as well taking the award over Eminem's album Relapse and T.I.'s album Paper Trail. 

Check Jay-Z's acceptance speech below.

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Could that last line have been a shot at 50 cent? The article below might be able to shed a little light on his crack about numbers not lying.

 In other news:

50 Cent's album Before I Self Destruct was set for a release today but an online leak forced it to be pushed up to the 16th of this month. Projected first week sales for the album were estimated around 155,000 units. The prediction is dwarfed in comparison to some of his previous albums such as Massacre (2004) which sold roughly 1.15 million copies and Get Rich or Die Tryin (2002) 872,000 in the first week of sales. Source:

Rapper M-Eighty of the Wu-Tang Clan has announced that he will attempt to break the Guinness Book Record of Longest Freestyle on December 19th. The current record is held by a Canadian rapper by the name of D.O. at 8 hours and 45 minutes. M-Eighty is quoted saying: "I don’t think it was ever a question of whether I could freestyle for x amount of time; I believe you can do anything you set your mind to,” and continues to say, “I chose to take on this obstacle because at the end of the day I am providing a great service to others and doing something life altering for an entire community in the name of education.” The attempt to break the record will be open to the public and held in Indianapolis in an effort to raise $30,000 "for the construction of a secondary school in Africa". 

DMX is being sued for $1 Million by Thunder Productions for his last-minute drop out of a celebrity mixed martial arts match. "He dropped out of the planned match with actor Eric Martinez, claiming his safety would be at risk, though organizers allege DMX quit after their refusal to fix the fight in his favor. The company filed suit on Friday (Nov. 20), according to"  Its all good though they got Coolio to put up his dukes in DMX's stead. Source:

Finally, Lupe Fiasco is set to appear in the upcoming History Channel documentary "The People Speak" which will air on Dec. 13th 8/7 Central. "The film is both inspired by and based on co-executive producer Howard Zinn’s books A People’s History of the United States, which has sold more than two million copies, and, with co-executive producer, Anthony Arnove, Voices of a People’s History of the United States." Read more about it here: