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Today: A Beer Geek Carnival at Cypress Street Pint and Plate

Cypress Street Pint and Plate's Beer Geek Carninval
Cypress Street Pint and Plate's Beer Geek Carninval
Cypress Street Pint and Plate

If the words "beer" and "geek" bare any influence over your personality, then today, from 7pm to 11pm, you should make your way over to Cypress Street Pint and Plate, home of the renowned "Sublime Burger," for the second annual Cypress Street Beer Geek Carnival.

In addition to being the home exclusive home of the "Sublime Burger," a luscious half pound of beef topped with sharp cheddar, caramelized onions and a few strips of bacon, served between two glazed doughnut, courtesy of world renowned Sublime Doughnuts,whose glazed doughnuts are exclusively made for Cypress Street Pint and Plate---today's free Beer Geek Carnival atmosphere is expected to dominate the entire al fresco dining scene at the 6th and Cypress Street location (directly behind the Biltmore), on West Peachtree.

Among the expected festivities will be a circus troop of stilt walkers, jugglers, fire-eaters, aerialists, courtesy of Imperial OPA, as well as a massive dunk tank housing Cypress Street Pint and Plate co-owner, Billy Streck. Add to that such carnival classics as corn dogs, funnel cakes, fried Oreos and fried Snickers and, well, you get the picture, I'm sure

And while all of the above sounds good, the spotlight throughout the night will shine bright on Clown Shoes Muffin Top Belgian style triple IPA, Tramp Stamp Belgian IPA, and Hoppy Feet black IPA. Each takes center stage throughout the night as the special guest beers, for what is expected to make for one heck of a carnival!

Aside from today's one of a kind festivities, Cypress Street Pint and Plate is one of few (possibly even the only) to have a randall, which as defined by Hoppy Trails Beer News, is, "An organoleptic hop transducer module, a double-chamber filter that you connect to a tap of your favorite beer and fill with flavor-enhancing ingredients. It’s invention credited to Dogfish Head out of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware." According to sources at Cypress Street, they stick to coffee and fruit infusions here and there, in addition to the 14-ever changing local, national and international brewski's served on tap, in addition to other exclusives such as the Russian imperial stout--Porcine Unidragon, by Clown Shoes Brewery.

But back to the yum-yum gimme some more, more, more, "Sublime Burger," which has been covered by local and national media in print, online and on TV, it alone is worth the trip to Cypress Street. Savory, not too sweet, but oh so harmonious do all of the flavors combine. It's one of those insatiable items like sex---something created for pleasure, with an added bonus, which in this case in not multiplication, but supplementation.

Other menu favorites include a warm, moist, luscious pretzel (made by Holman and Finch). Served with a side of cheese fondue of Cypress IPA and spicy mustard for dipping, it is the perfect accompaniment to the Thomas Creek Pump House Porter. Fried truffle mushrooms with rosemary, crisp fried fritters stuffed with pimento cheese are served with a bacon and pepper marmalade, BBQ eggroll stuffed with pulled pork and collard greens---all make for the perfect menu of food thats a fun and good, especially when served beside a good beer.

For more information, visit Cypress Street Pint and Plate!


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