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To wax or not wax- there is no question about it WAX!

Spring is almost here and waxing specialists all over are getting their spatulas and wax ready for the beach goers and pool attenders to come. I am one of the many that loves the wax over razors to get rid of hair. As an instructor and as a therapist I am very particular where I go to get wax and I am just as particular with what kind of wax is being used at an establishment. I was very excited when I heard that European Wax Center was coming to South Carolina. I have heard nothing but great things about the company, and I really liked that it was only waxing being done there, because to me when your niche is just one item; I believe that you just have to do that well.

I made my appointment at the only location in SC; the Summerville location; the other locations are (to get a full bikini (which is taking off as little or as much as one wants off the front bikini area) and I was very happy to know that one of my former and one of my very favorite student Kristin Gordon was working at European Wax Center and was going to be my waxing specialist.Kristin has been waxing for four years now but does it like she has been doing it for decades. I would like to say that I taught her everything she knows about the industry, but I can't she is just brilliant in what she does. The EWC has been in business since 1975; so they know the various kinds of wax and the wax that they use has evolved from using waxes from other companies to creating and using their own wax.

Waxing just like any other skincare regiment is according to skin type and also hair type and ethnicity plays a part in what wax as well as how often and coarseness of one’s hair. I’m a black women with fairly easy non-course hair and not my first time at the rodeo, but it has been 4-6 months since my last bikini wax; I have been using the razor (queue gasp and horror). I knew that there would be some discomfort because of the length of time that had passed since my last waxing; but I also knew I was in great hands. Ms. Gordon informed of the four step procedure.

For pre and post waxing experience:

1. Cleanse with calming, pre-wax cleanser to remove oil and/or lotion from the area

2. Protecting the skin by using pre-wax oil, to ensure that the wax adheres to the hair and not to your skin

3. Waxing begins by using EWC exclusive Comfort Wax

4. Rejuvenate and pamper the skin and the waxed area by using ingrown hair serum (to help prevent bumps and breakouts) and for the face calming cream which also takes the redness from the skin.

My waxing begins and remember it been a few months since my last bikini, so I have to admit I was a little bit of a baby; I forgot how that first wax off takes you by surprise, and how sensitive one can be in certain areas, but there were no tears people…NO TEARS!!!!. My tip to all who want any kind of waxing is to know what you want:

1. Know how much hair you want off in any area- and of course in the underarms, legs and lip area ALL GONE- PLEASE

2. Do not and I repeat DO NOT Ask for a design in the bikini area

3. Do Not ask for a Brazilian if you do not understand what it is in waxing terms; it is not a country

4. Be consistent in your waxing- 4 weeks should be about the length of time in between waxing

5. Wax in the winter months as well

I was in and out in 15 minutes because I also had Kristen do my brows. I have to say that all in all I will have to give my experience an A+++. Please remember all tips, I’m a professional, # I’m pro-wax!

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