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To train or not to train

Cold and flu season is here! The average adult suffers from two to four colds per year but does that mean that one needs to cancel their workout? The answer to that question is…it depends.
If your symptoms are all from the neck upwards, for example you have a light head cold, sniffle or light sore throat and you do not have a temperature or aches and pains then easy training for 1-2 hours is alright. If you do not feel motivated and you are feeling tired and flat then you should rest. This is a good time to stretch and do some light core work.
For those who have symptoms that are below the neck such as you are sick in the chest, you have aches pains, have a fever, and or symptoms of the stomach but do not train. It is important to get plenty of rest and look after yourself from the early onset and your immune system will do its job and heal quickly. If you keep trying to train you will compromise the immune system and in turn delay your recovery.
When you are feeling better and your symptoms have gone it is alright to resume light training. It is important not to pick up training where you left off or try to make up missed workouts. By doing this, you will be adding stress to your weakened immune system and you may end up back where you started, Allow your body the time to strengthen and heal properly by increasing your training load slowly.

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