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To The Class of 2012

Chrome Class of 2012
Chrome Class of 2012

I find it interesting that ever since I graduated from high school, no one has asked me to give a farewell or a commencement address to any senior class anywhere at any time. Maybe it's because I'm not rich, famous, successful, or good-looking. But why should I let that stop me? I write for, for Fort Worth TX and the surrounding English-speaking world. So enjoy! Congratulations! and Be blessed!

To The Class of 2012

Once upon a time I too was a senior like you
I was smart
Kind of shy
I had a few good friends
I listened to the radio but preferred my own music
And I may have watched too much TV

Fortunately I had twelve years of schooling under my belt
And knew quite a bit about a great many things:
American History
Both English and Spanish
I even learned to type without looking at the keys

But what I really wondered about was the future.

I had some ideas on what I could become
What path might take me there
How likely or unlikely it might be for me to succeed

I had no idea what was really going to happen to me
I had no idea how different college was going to be
I had no idea how relationships would affect my sanity
I had no idea how weak and ignorant I really was

When I had been so smart and strong
As a senior about to enter the larger world
Beyond those oh so familiar corridors

I would like to warn you
I would like to prepare you
I would like to save you from the future
That you will always look back upon
With fondness and regret

But that could do you a great disservice.

As a Christian, whether you are Christian or not,
I would be remiss to not tell you that not only will you
shame and embarrass yourself, and possibly your family,
Unless they have low expectations for you,
You will shame and embarrass a Holy God
who is watching everything.

Just try to keep that in mind.

He has watched you love Him
Doubt Him
Disbelieve Him
Curse Him
Reject Him
Deny Him

And yet He is still there for you
Now when it is most important
For your future and your soul

You don't have to turn back to God
You don't have to accept or believe Him
You can hate the sinners and the hypocrites
But don't ever think that God is like them

He is not.

God is love
And He still loves you
And wants what is best for you
Which is even better than what you want for yourself
Which is temporary
And worldly
And won't satisfy you as long as you think it will

Because time will go by
And soon your youth will vanish
Preconceived notions will be displaced
Honesty deeply hidden will be revealed
Much to your chagrin

Unless …


My best to you Class of 2-0-1-2.


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