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To Stay Ukrainian Or Not To Stay?

To Stay Ukrainian Or Not To Stay?
To Stay Ukrainian Or Not To Stay?

That is the question for many living in the Crimea today. The problem though is that the question on the ballot? Sadly, it seems the question is whether to become your own country or go back with Mother Russia. It seems Russian propaganda was at a high peak on Saturday. Not only was the Russian Army moving more into the Crimean peninsula but it was venturing out and about and it seems the Russians took over the village of Strilkove. No shots were fired but they are in control.

Once again demonstrations in Eastern Ukraine were the norm and once again the call for Russian help was the sound from the crowd. It seems that the Russians feel this approach is good because it works. At least it did when they took over the Crimea.

Everybody in the world except the Russians are saying the referendums being held today in Crimea are illegal. Most countries have stated that if these referendums were held today that sanctions would be coming soon. Okay, do you really think Putin is sweating sanctions? Putin is shopping for land and he is going to take it and it seems the world is going to let him. In Moscow yesterday parades were taking place and it looked like the old Soviet Union was back in business.

In the U.N. yesterday a resolution on the referendum was being bantered about and Russia vetoed it. Russian Ambassador Churkin could be seen looking as if he was wondering if he would make happy hour on time.

The Russians have enough troops around the Crimea that it is a forgone conclusion that the Crimea is history as far as the Ukraine is concerned. What's funny is that the Ukrainians are talking about putting together a National Guard in defense if any other incursions into Ukrainian territory should take place. The problem is that it will not be operational for at least another two weeks. In other words by the time the Ukrainians are ready to defend their country the country will no longer exist since the Russians will walk in and take it over. Probably without a shot like they did in Crimea.

While Putin was working the World was sleeping and lost another free country to the Russians. Sanctions are not the way and the world doesn't have the backbone to stop Putin. It's a shame, I always liked a good fight.