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To snoop or not to snoop: should you check your man's text/email messages

Man faces five years in prison for hacking into wife's email
Man faces five years in prison for hacking into wife's email
The Daily Mail

You suspect that your man is getting a little nookie...and we're not talking from you. just happen to know his username and password for his GMail account (after you surreptitiously lurked behind him while he typed it on his IPad.)

Do you hack into his account and check out his emails? Or, would that be considered a gross violation of his privacy?

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Hard time for "hacking"

Leon Walker, a 33-year-old Michigan computer technician, suspected that his wife was cheating on him. Claiming that the two shared a laptop computer and that his wife often left her GMail password out in the open, he logged in under her info and viola...his suspicions were spot on - she was having an affair with her previous husband.

The wife then went to the authorities and filed charges against Leon for using his computer skills and "hacking" into her account. Prosecutors in Oakland County, Michigan charged Walker under the state's anti-hacking laws that were put in place to prevent identity theft and used to prosecute people who hack into government computers. He could face up to five years in prison.

A bit harsh or simply justice being served?

To snoop or not to snoop...that is the question

Some may say that if you are getting "vibes" that your man is cheating (whether it's a full blown physical affair or even just an emotional one) then chances are, your relationship probably hasn't been the greatest for a while.

Since many peoples' cell phones are not password protected, is it wrong to take a quick look at your lover's text messages if he just happens to leave his phone lying around? Or, is that, like "hacking" into someone's email, a violation of their privacy?

Do tell: Would you snoop around your man's emails or text messages if you suspected he was being unfaithful? Is there any "reason" that justifies snooping?


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