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To Save a Life movie review

Randy Wayne plays Jake Tyler
Randy Wayne plays Jake Tyler
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To Save a Life tells the story of Jake Tyler, a basketball star at his high school, who's entire outlook on life is completely changed after the death of a former childhood friend.  At his friend's funeral, he is approached by an area youth pastor and slowly begins a journey that ultimately changes the lives and futures of countless young people all over the nation.

While many critics consider the movie nothing more than a two-hour long after school special that isn't shy about laying on the religious overtones and sappy story, the film no doubt does it better than any "Christian" film in recent memory. 

Jake's character is shattered by the death of his former friend and seeks after Godly things with which to deal with it. It's not long before he decides to follow God, and also not too long until his life starts to fall apart.  Herein lies the powerful principle of the movie. Jake looked to God to help him in his grief and pain, and while he found solace in a new group of friends and a desire to make a difference in his school, he soon realized that following the Lord is no walk in the park 

We are told that in this world we will have trouble, and Jake's story is a good testament to that.  He goes through nearly every cliched conundrum imaginable in the movie and still mananges to hold on to his faith.  Even if the movie may be a bit cheesy with lackluster writing and mediocre acting, the powerful message of perserverence in your walk with the Lord more than makes up for that.

To Save a Life is a movie you should take your youth group to see.  It has a strong message and some sincerely sentimental moments that are bound to have an impact on the viewer.

The film is in limited release, so finding a theater near you where it is showing might be a bit cumbersome.  For quick reference, you can check out the theaters in the Dallas area that are showing the film below.

Theater Address
AMC North Park 15

8687 N Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75231

AMC Valley View 16 1331 Preston Road, Ste 2300
Dallas, TX 75230
Cinemark 14 280 Uptown Blvd.
Cedar Hill, TX 75104
UA Grand Prairie 10 510 Westchester Pkwy
Grand Prairie, TX 75052
AMC The Parks at Arlington 3811 South Cooper Street
Arlington, TX 76015


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