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To reduce crime put criminals out of business

If only there was just another gun control law. We are being told (again) by lawmakers that another new gun control law is absolutely necessary to reduce crime.  There are already over 23,000 State and Federal gun control laws that apparently have not netted the desired results, so why would anyone think criminals will finally crack if only another gun control law is passed?


The facts are, in spite of all the gun control laws that have been passed to “stop crime”, criminals are still living and working and prospering all over Wisconsin today. This is because gun control laws have been proven to have no deterrent effect at all on a criminal who is intent on breaking as many laws as necessary to kill someone. Criminals ignore laws they do not like, all the time.


Legislators who disagree need to provide us with independently verifiable proof that their next proposed gun control law will actually convince criminals to quit their jobs and become law abiding citizens.


Wisconsin does need fewer criminals, but there is a much better way to achieve that. Criminals are businessmen. They do what they do because there is greater personal profit in crime than personal risk. When a business profit is less than its costs of producing, it eventually quits producing and goes out of business. These same basic laws of business can be applied to criminals.


May I make a suggestion? Rather than pass more gun control legislation, the legislature should pass a good shall issue carry law.


We know that a couple of well placed shots from a .357 magnum or a 45 ACP are extremely effective to reduce the criminals’ profit while greatly increasing their cost of business. However, the above business model must be immediately applied to the criminal by their intended victim at the time of the attack. The police can not arrive in time to stop the criminals attack (or they would be stopping all attacks). 


Several hundred thousand random citizens can begin putting criminals out of business right at the source of the crime. Criminals will decide to change jobs only when the consequences are immediate, personal, and very costly.  As we know, thousands of gun control laws do not, and can not do that and neither will the proposed next one.


More and more Wisconsin citizens are beginning to openly carry weapons for their personal protection. Lawmakers, who are truly concerned with the public’s safety and terminating violent criminals businesses should loosen restrictive laws so going armed in public is less cumbersome for those who carry.


  • DDS -- NRA Life Member 5 years ago

    In 1987, when Florida was set to become the first of many states to adopt "shall issue" concealed carry, one of our local editorial writers was ranting about "vigilante justice". Someone replied that vigilante justice was bad, but a lot like bad breath, preferable to no breath at all. We hire professionals like plumbers, doctors, and policement to do jobs for us. But we expect that the job be done. When 80% of America's violent repeat offenders are out on the street, the job ain't being done. After the third plumber leaves with your check and the toilet still stops up, it may be time to break out some tools. One proven solution to violent crime is: double tap to center of mass, re-assess situation, repeat as required.

  • Luis 5 years ago

    Great article Gene. Have you shown it to Bloomberg and his band of merry mayors, who are silent on the criminals in their dominions, but foam at the mouth about any gun not owned by their police or military? THEY are the ones who need to be shown.

  • Robert 5 years ago

    Maybe there should be a federal "thou shall issue" law requiring all states to issue permits to carry weapons either openly or concealed depending on the level of federal exam/background a person passes. A permit good in all fifty states. If the states do not like this then I might suggest they get their acts together and provide their citizens with "thou shall issue" permits. Cops cannot prevent crime because they always arrive after the fact. Citisens cannot shoot unarmed criminals. Make it safer for the criminal to be unarmed than armed. fewer criminals will resist arrest as well. When criminals start dying for pulling guns and they are sentenced to death for killing a citizen anytime that death happens as a result of a gun in a criminal's hand they will stop stealing guns and using them.

  • Phillip 5 years ago


    I know you come from a gun rights point of view, but your idea is really not a good one. I don't want the Federal Government having anything to do with making laws about guns. I want them to respect and protect,

    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

    I want them to not have or make any laws, I want the states, all of them, to do the same. No laws, the 2nd is there for a reason, so the government cannot screw over the citizenry. The citizenry will take care of the criminals, and call the law to come pick them up. The streets will be safer and the citizenry will be free.

  • Brett 5 years ago

    The paranoia of you people is cute. Out of curiosity, how do you feel about drug laws?

  • Jet Brain Brett 5 years ago

    Brett, cute as your dumb ass? Still--just to try to get you to think: Ask your dumb ass THIS question: ---"With thousands of state and federal anti drug laws on the books, how's the drug situation in America? Can't get it yet, cute boy? Here's one more: How affective was the Volstead Act of 1920? These question suggest how gun rights "paranoids" feel about gun control laws. P.S. Try to learn something before you prove your stupidity on a public blog.

  • Brain Dead Brett Should Have Said 5 years ago

    Gene--Where did you find one of these:"Lawmakers, who are truly concerned with the public’s safety..."? And I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for any of them to "loosen restrictive [gun] laws. Rather in some way, shape, or form, the sovereign people in this country are going to have to get control of their out of control lawmakers, who are committing treason by continuing to pas unlawful unconstitutional gun control laws under the lie and false premise of controlling crime by means of these laws.

  • Brett 5 years ago

    Well, I see my mission was accomplished, in that I enraged you enough to post back, with childish insults hurled toward me. You see, it's not that I want to take away your guns at all. I hunt, I own a shotgun. The point is that I think your fear is unwarranted. I don't think that there are politicans out there with a secret agenda to take away your guns. I think that makes you sound/look ridiculous to the general population, which is why "gun nuts" are often lampooned. Like, "oh Uncle Sam won't let us have elephant rifles? I'm gonna rage and whine about it for years!" And its astounding to me how central this issue is to you people, in the context of all the issues we face.

    "P.S. Try to learn something before you prove your stupidity on a public blog."

    -P.S. Maybe take some lessons in grammar, so you can actually be understood on a public blog. I agree with you on the drug laws aspect, I was just making sure you weren't hypocrtical.

  • Brett 5 years ago

    Also, by the condescending comment about "learning something", it seems that you think that I just don't have my facts right. Well, what is it that you think I'm "missing", or ignorant on? Hm?

  • crashjohnson 5 years ago

    If violent crime could be stoped by the pasage of law, violent crime would have ceased to exist 10,000 years ago.