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To Negril, Jamaica from Atlanta: what to do and where to stay

Sailboat on Negril, Jamaica shores.
Sailboat on Negril, Jamaica shores.
Jamaica Tourism Board

Negril, Jamaica is a place for active adventure, or a place to relax in the sun- your choice!  In the last article, I listed some vacation options to Negril, Jamaica from Atlanta. There are currently excellent packages in guest houses and eclectic Inns in the $500 range for 5 nights ...on sites such as Expedia.  If you are looking for a warm, gorgeous tropical get-away that is "off the beaten path" and a little bit funky... Negril might be for you! Here is information about places to stay, restaurant recommendations and some exciting things to do!

Where to stay
: you can go with a fine and elegant all-inclusive resort ,or you can stay in a budget friendly guest house loaded with character and Jamaican charm. You can walk for miles on the picturesque Seven Mile Beach that contains shops and restaurants along the way. Some suggestions for elegant resorts: Couples Sweptaway, which a captivating couples resort with outstanding amenities, like water skiing, snorkeling, glass bottom boat rides and a sports center. Another option is Couples, which is 'out of this world'! Family all-inclusive options are the lovely Riu Tropical Bay and Beaches.

If you'd rather go the bed and breakfast or quaint guest house route, you may want to check out these popular and highly rated places: Catch a Falling Star, Rockhouse, and the romantic spot 'The Caves'.

What to do: the water is heavenly and it's a Caribbean blue tapestry that will take your breath away. If you like the water, I highly recommend a boat trip, snorkeling adventure or other water activity. If you get the opportunity to take a sailboat to the famous Negril cliffs... just do it! It's an amazing sight. Here are some other fun options, like tubing and touring for the active traveler: Horsebackriding, ziplines, and Mayfield Waterfalls. You can locate the top rated restaurants, like Alice's Bar and Restaurant, at this site.

The Jamaican people are warm and friendly, and the Reggae music will make you want to dance in the sand. If you're looking for a little adventure and fun... you may want to consider Negril, Jamaica as a future vacation option! If you do, be sure and watch the sunsets that are spectacular. You just might see a famous 'green flash' as the sun drops out of view. Negril is quite a thrill that will make a lasting impression on you!


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