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To keep or not to keep? The challenge of Spring cleaning


'Tis the season for Spring cleaning. Time to brush out the dust bunnies, and clear out the thatch. Time to reorganize, and make new space. Time for new ideas and re-energizing the spirit. What better place to start than with your wardrobe?

Cleaning out the closet can be overwhelming and frustrating, but it doesn't have to be. It can be an exercise in creativity, and a therapeutic purging of clutter. Here are a few simple tips to help you stay focused on your task, ending with fabulous, chic results!

Find storage space for seasonal garments that won't transition from Winter to Summer, and stash away all the heavy goods to create more space. If you have winter clothes that you just aren't sure about, store them for the warmer season and when it's time to pull out your winter clothes, come October, make your decision then. 

Sentimental value is a fine reason to keep garments you aren't wearing, but there's no need to keep them with your working wardrobe. Your storage space for these garments need not be seasonably accessible. Investing in a hope chest to keep these memories will not only create space in your closet, it will also preserve your garments for the long haul.

"Just in case" is not a reason to keep garments you aren't utilizing. Take a look at these items with a careful, editorial eye. Why aren't you wearing them more frequently? Is it because there's a better alternative to reach for on a regular basis? If your only reason for hanging onto to something is "just in case", ask yourself this instead, "Just in case what?" Repeat it like a mantra, because chances are, you will likely never reach for something that is there "just in case". 

While your editorial eye is in focus, also examine the wear&tear of the garments you are choosing to keep. Don't do yourself a disservice by hanging onto garments and accessories that have seen a better day, telling yourself you will throw them out when you find the replacement. Throw them out now! You will be more likely to find a truly suitable replacement if you are looking for one, and you are less likely to look for one if you are clinging to the old. This is especially true of your basic favorites, such as jeans, tee shirts, sweaters, and shoes. The garments we live in shouldn't reflect that our lives are exhausting and hard on us.

When you bring last years Spring wardrobe out of storage, go through each garment, especially those you weren't sure about last year, with a detail oriented, observant eye. You haven't missed it all winter, you can surely enter Spring without garments that are less-than-par. Now is the ideal time to update your shopping list, and create some fun new looks to carry you all the way into Fall. 

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  • Tonya 5 years ago

    I need to do this, desperately bad!

  • Staci Reynolds Colorado Springs Boutique Shopping 5 years ago

    You're on my calender for a closet reorg. the 1st week of June! Hang in there.

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