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To golf or to act like a US President–that is the question

Obama hits the greens shortly after expressing outrage over Foley murder
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

President B. Hussein Obama was a highly successful campaigner. However, he has failed miserably at the game of politics overall. Even though there is still a pathetic fringe of individuals who claim they are enjoying the “hope and change” that never came, at this point it has become clear that he is no longer generating warm, fuzzy feelings from most of his constituents.

In all fairness, given the situation in Ferguson Missouri it was not surprising that Barry had a representative at Michael Brown's funeral. However, many Americans think that it might have been a nice gesture to have a representative at the memorial service for James Foley, as well. After all, the President frowned angrily at the press as he denounced Foley’s decapitation, just before sprinting to the golf course.

The question is,who is advising this man? It is likely that no United States president ever made such decisions without guidance, which is why Americans generally did not see their Commander-in-Chief golfing after an event such as the Foley murder....even if he wanted to. However, either no one is advising this man or he is simply too arrogant to listen. The latter would likely be the first choice of an answer if most Americans were surveyed.

Even the lowliest of all citizens has at least a few friends willing to say “don't act like an idiot,” when it is deserved. Therefore, it is difficult to believe that the man who unfortunately holds the highest office in the land is not surrounded by anyone who had the sense to say “maybe wait a few days before you hit the greens, since your carefree golf swing made contradict your “outrage” over Foley's murder 20 minutes prior.”

Situations such as this, although they give tremendous hope for a massive GOP victory this fall, would be funny if they weren't so tragic. Sending a representative to the funeral of United States citizen whose murder you had to address while vacationing is a decision that should not require an excessive amount of concentration. Of course, this is the same president who flew the White House flag at half mast for pop singer Whitney Houston after her death from the classic Hollywood exit plan–drugs–but refused to do so for United States Ambassador Shirley Temple Black:

Why did we expect anything different where the Foley murder was concerned?