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To Glenn Beck: Thank you for doing Black America, and the rest of us, a favor

Kevin Jackson - The Black Sphere; A strong conservative voice for the black community
Kevin Jackson - The Black Sphere; A strong conservative voice for the black community
Kevin Jackson


Thank you for doing black America, and the rest of us, a favor by giving us the opportunity to hear from black conservatives. No one else seems brave enough to expose the falsehood surrounding the myth that all black people must be liberals. Black youths need to be able to look up to strong, intelligent, and proud black conservative leaders (in and out of elected office.)

I would like to “demand” (as Cavuto suggests) that FOX devote an entire show to black conservative views. You’ve done all conservatives a great service by allowing us to hear from them, but this needs to be an ongoing thing. I would like to suggest that Kevin Jackson host the show. BET, and other “black networks”, should not be the only outlet for black voices and it shouldn’t be the only place that America is able to find out what black people are thinking. Both parties need to be made aware that there is a real body of black conservatives and that neither party “owns” their loyalties.

I’m running for local office, as a Conservative Republican. I’ve been told by numerous advisers and candidate training programs that I should concentrate on historically “red” areas, only going to predominantly black areas if time allows once I’ve canvassed all the other areas. It is no wonder that black America feels slighted by the Republican party when most of the Republicans can’t be bothered with “wasting time and resources” in black neighborhoods. I may be going against sound advice and reason, but this white Christian, mother of 4 will most definitely be campaigning in black neighborhoods just as in “white neighborhoods.” I want to know what people are thinking and I want to be elected to give a voice to ALL of my local area. How presumptuous would it be of me to just assume that I can speak for a group of people that I didn’t bother to speak TO in the first place?

Please give them a continuous voice. Give the youth in their communities good role models to look up to in the conservative arena. Too many of them have been lied to and told that their “blackness” depends on exactly how liberal they are. Jerome Hudson was told that he was trying to act white because he wanted to dress nice and get an education, countless others have been as well. Let’s get rid of this ignorant fictional wall between our fellow countrymen and make America see that we’re just that…Americans, unhyphenated and unapologetic.

Thank you for your time,

Natalie Nichols
Texarkana, TX

Natalie Nichols is currently TX District 4 Coordinator for Smart Girl Politics (SGP), a group that empowers Conservative women, and a contributing writer for Smart Girl Nation, SGP’s online magazine. She is Co-Founder of Political Integrity Now, a Conservative online news, analysis, and commentary site. Natalie is creator of the Texarkana TEA Patriots website, a site where local patriots can meet, organize, and take action. Additionally, she is a member of Star of Texas Republican Women, one of the coordinators for the TEA parties in Texarkana, and is a member of the Bowie County Patriots and is running for local office.

Please donate to Natalie’s campaign and support a true conservative running in a county represented by only one Republican in office. “I REFUSE TO COMPROMISE MY VALUES AND BELIEFS!”

Please join her on Facebook and Twitter.

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