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To Fix or Not to Fix. What to Repair to Prepare for Selling Your Home

With spring around the corner and home sales picking up across the Columbus area many homeowners are considering listing their homes for sale.  With many homes some repairs or updates many be needed to better the chances of a quick sale.  As with any home remodeling project there are some projects that are worth more in resale than others.

1.  Bathrooms and Kitchens sell a home.  Many buyers realize that any house will need some updating in order for it to meet their personal likes but most home buyers do not compromise on kitchens and bathrooms.  These are staples to a home that need to be in good working order for a buyer to consider the property.  If a bathroom is dated consider updating fixtures like lights, facets and mirrors.  Paint the walls a neutral color and clean throughly.  Kitchen countertops should be in good repair.  Consider replacing cabinet hardware and appliances to give the kitchen a fresh look.

2. Leave the plumbing and electrical to the professionals.  All to often good natured homeowners try to update, change or fix plumbing and electrical problems themselves.  Doing the repairs themselves is not only dangerous but will turn off potential buyers.  Buyers do not want to fix a homeowners mistake and they don't want to live in a home that is unsafe.  So if the home needs electrical or plumbing work hiring a professional is worth the cost.

3.  Replace flooring.  Often our carpets are dirtier than we think.  Buyers also do not like the idea of living with someone elses leftovers.  Replace old carpeting with hardwood floors or new, neutral carpet to give the home a fresh, clean feeling.

4.  Do minor repairs.  The closet door not shutting?  The plaster in the bedroom pealing?  The wallpaper fading?  Keep up on the minor repairs so that the home appears well maintained.  Often buyers look at an unmaintained home like a money pit of larger repairs. Have a good friend or neighbor walk through your home and give an honest list of repairs they noticed the home needing.

5.  Don't ignore the yard.  Trim plants, plant flowers and be sure the yard and garden are in good repair.  Does the porch need painted?  Is the flower bed overgrown?  Often first impressions turn a buyer off to the home long before they step through the door.

Looking at a home objectively and spending money wisely can often land a homeowner with a quick sale.


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