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To Fish Off A Kayak

Your Humble Author
Your Humble Author
Sean Crose

Wrap your mind around this: kayaks have reportedly been around for thousands, not hundreds, THOUSANDS, of years. The first Kayaks seem to have been used way up around Alaska by Inuit, Aluit and other native peoples. Their original purpose appears to have been for hunting and for the transport of things like food and goods. Today in Connecticut, however, kayaks are used for pleasure; for exercising and, yes, for fishing.

Kayaks may have been around forever, sure, but now they're attracting the attention of contemporary Connecticut fisherman in ways they never have before. According to David Faber, owner of Connecticut Outdoors LLC, in Oakville, Kayak sales among fisherman have risen exponentially in the past several years.

Why? Well, Kayaks are very mobile, more so than standard canoes and boats. Kayaks can also put the angler into pockets and corners, particularly in freshwater bodies, that other vehicles can't. In short, a kayak can place a fishermen in spots he or she might not be able to cast out from otherwise.

And let's not forget the exercise angle. Faber himself took to Kayaking while recovering from a severe accident. While engaging in outdoor sports, he organically found himself drawn to the small, highly mobile vessel. Now he sells them at Connecticut Outdoors LLC (talk about an enthusiast).

Another Connecticut fisherman, one who battles Parkinson's Disease, uses kayaks for both fishing and for exercising. In fact, it was fishing which led him to kayaking in the first place. For a kayak allows him to exercise his muscles in a positive way while engaging in his favored pastime.

Safety, of course, is a must when kayaking – as it is when engaging in all on-or-in-water activities. You don't need to take a course to kayak in Connecticut, but it pays to know what you're getting yourself into. In short, just make sure you're aware of what you're doing before heading out. This site offers some great tips.


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