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To-do ASAP: register for March 10 PVCC job fair


Attention Employers: Your competition is thinking about hiring employees. And that means it's time for you to think about it too.

Darned if things aren't starting to perk up a bit, economically speaking. A full third of area business plan to add jobs this year, according to the Regional Chamber of Commerce 2010 Economic Survey. 44% expect an increase in company profitability, up from 30% the previous year.

If you're thinking about hiring in the coming year, the March 10 job fair is not only a recruiting event, it's a strategic business imperative.

Hiring a new employee is a key opportunity to add a valuable competitive edge to your company. Beyond the mere tasks a new worker performs, imagine how the right employee can:

  •  take your company to the next level
  •  beat the competition faster
  •  develop new products
  •  streamline processes

The March 10 PVCC job fair will include a range of job-seekers from retirees, career professionals and new graduates seeking full and part-time positions, to high school students seeking internships and summer positions.

Regardless of what you've read, dedicated and capable employees are always in demand. While the job season is still young, come to the fair with your strategic goals in mind and find job candidates with that extra something to contribute to your company's continuing success.

The cost to attend is modest and includes just about everything you'd need including publicity. And the value? Compared to the potential return on investment for your company, it truly is priceless.

Attention Job-seekers: Trite but true; you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Read this article to help you prepare for the job fair.

 For more information: Register or ask questions about the PVCC annual job fair.

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