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Two Corona, California Companies Partner To Improve Zero Emissions Vehicle Use

U.S. Battery and Vantage Vehicle International partner to improve the popularity and performance of Zero emissions vehicles and their use.
U.S. Battery and Vantage Vehicle International partner to improve the popularity and performance of Zero emissions vehicles and their use.
U.S. Battery Manufacturing

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular these days, especially for maintenance fleets who use battery operated vehicles to get around large facilities or local deliveries. But these electric vehicles aren't like your Chevy Volt, Tesla Model-S, or even your average golf cart. These Zero emissions vehicles are specifically made to be completely street legal and have a range of 20-30 miles with a maximum speed around 20-25 mph. With a growing popularity for these types of electric vehicles, overall performance is the most important factor for anyone, or company, who are willing to make the investment.

One example is Vantage Vehicle International, in Corona, California. This electric vehicle manufacturer has seen tremendous growth in the past year. Their line of electric cargo and passenger vans, as well as green pickup trucks, run on deep-cycle lead-acid batteries, that can be easily recharged. So to be consistent with the company's goal to provide a high-quality vehicle, they teamed up with U.S. Battery Manufacturing, also based out of Corona, California. Both companies believe electric vehicles are a growing market, and manufacturers like Vantage Vehicle International, are striving to provide higher quality products to exceed customer expectations. So it made sense with the company to do their research, and partner with the leading manufacturer of high-quality, deep-cycle lead acid batteries for their vehicles. "Partnering with U.S. Battery fits the core benefits of our company," says Joshua Kim, Vice President at Vantage Vehicle International. "U.S. Battery is established as the leading manufacturer of deep cycle lead acid batteries with proven performance and lifespan over the competition. Working together, Vantage and U.S. Battery will be able to provide a product our customers and dealers have been requesting."

Each Vantage electric vehicle uses 12, U.S. Battery 6-volt deep cycle lead-acid batteries, and has a range of up to 40 miles with a maximum speed of 25 mph. "Vantage Vehicle owners will appreciate that U.S. Battery lead-acid batteries feature the company's XC2 formulation which reaches higher peak capacity in as few as 25 cycles, (a full discharge and re-charge is one cycle)," says Don Wallace, U.S. Battery CMO/Executive Vice President. "With proper maintenance, our batteries will also provide Vantage customers with longer service life and reliability."

Because care and maintenance are extremely important to the longevity and performance of flooded lead acid batteries, Vantage includes a battery watering system with the vehicle, to ensure optimum performance and cost savings over the long-term. "U.S. Battery products, paired with a watering system, bring convenience and reliability to the flooded battery package we offer," says Kim. "Customers can take comfort in knowing their battery system is properly maintained and easy to check. This gives our customers a more cost effective battery pack while maintaining reliability and performance that saves them money. Minimizing warranty failures and production defects also saves Vantage money."

Both companies are looking to promote electric vehicle use, and provide an affordable, long-term solution for companies and individuals looking for a reliable, zero emissions alternative. For more information on U.S. Battery Manufacturing, visit For more information on Vantage Vehicle International products, visit