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To Cool Your Summer Daze Off, a Plum-Cherry-Lychee Smoothie Recipe

Pictured is one red plum, ten tart cherries, and seven lychees
Pictured is one red plum, ten tart cherries, and seven lychees
photo by Thomas Stark: plum, cherries, and lychees

It is summer time. So, while out and about go do some fun shopping at 99 Ranch Market for something exotic and cool. It is one place in Vegas where one can find fresh lychees. In addition to a sack full of lychees, one needs to purchase the following: a sack of cherries, a plum, and plain yogurt.

Yummy Plum-Cherry-Lychee sugarless Smoothie
photo and smoothie by Thomas Stark

No washing of Lychees are necessary unless perhaps a crack shell is seen. Break open seven lychees with thumbnail. Lychees are fairly brittle and not like cracking a nut at all. Once outer shell has been removed completely from the meat, dig in with thumbnail to cut the meat in half away from the inner seed. Take seed out and throw away into the trash. Many desserts and other recipes are made with this wonderfully delicious fruit.

Wash cherries thoroughly. Cut open ten cherries in a similar fashion. Cherries can be cut with a knife to avoid the messy red juices. Once seed is revealed then toss these and stems into the trash. One would not want a broken garbage disposal from a simple nut. Other divine cherry recipes can be found to add a a zing to that certain something one is cooking up.

A single plum is next on the agenda to prep. Wash off the plum. Cut the plum with a knife until inner seed is exposed and toss the seed into the trash. From plum and almond tarts to roast duck, plums are useful in many recipes.

Next, put all these tasty fruits into the blender. Add two heaping mounds of plain yogurt. Add a few ice cubes to the blender and start. Keep adding ice cubes until a consistency is reached in that the whirling centrifuge inside the blender ceases. One should have a nicely cool smoothie now for a hot day. Top it off with a little mint garnish if one should like. No sugar needed as this is nature's candy.

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