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To Cash In On Poker ---Play the Player

To Cash in On Poker- Play the Player-slide0
(Photos by Lin Klaassen)

You can’t hide because Face Reading expert Lin Klaassen knows all of your secrets.

SZ: “How does face reading apply to poker?

LIN: “Face Reading is an ancient science that correlates the physical structures of the face to the personality and has been practiced around the world for over 3,000 years.

Micro expressions or “tells” only last seconds and can be staged, reading facial structures is much easier and far more accurate. Every single facial feature gives you a message about the owner. Think of the advantage of knowing how to read a person with 92% accuracy at a glance.

The micro gestures or “tells” of poker first require you to set a baseline or norm for the person you are reading, and then you need to watch for variations from their norm.
If that were not enough to deal with, you also have to decide if the gestures or expressions are genuine or if they are staged in an attempt to bluff or double bluff.”

SZ: “Do you study the person’s body language?”
Lin: “I believe every poker player needs to apply both body language and face reading to be a threat to their opponents at the poker table.

The advantage of face reading is a person cannot change the size of their nostrils, the slant of their forehead or any other facial feature on their face, just because they sat down to play poker, and you can begin to read them immediately, even before the game actually starts.

The words, gestures, and actions of a person can be staged, but the face does not lie, if you can see it you can read it. In my “Poker the Real Deal” cards I cover 64 facial traits that she believe have the greatest importance at the poker table.”

SZ: Where could someone star reading?

Lin: “You start by looking at the overall face, the wider or broader the face and jaw the more inherent their self confidence. Conversely the thin narrow face has had to work to build confidence.

The nose is the most important facial feature to read at the poker table. Tthe bridge of the nose gives you great insights”.

The straight nose: These people have a logical, no-nonsense approach to life that carries over to poker. They prefer logical strategies, including long term planning. They have difficulty with foolishness and what they judge as meaninglessness.

The hawk or convex nose: These people are mentally aggressive and sensible in their thoughts. They will know the technical aspects of the game and rely on their mind and logic. They tend to be skeptical, even cynical. It will be very difficult to bluff them,

No amount of skill can change a deuce into an ace, but the knowledge of face reading can help you play the player. In my next article I will discuss NOSTRILS, which Klaassen said is the most important trait when it comes to poker.

Lin Klaassen has written How to Read Faces Guides for Poker Players, Dating, Sales, Acing the Interview and more. For information, call (586)-773-4230.

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